last weeks for contributions - Rebento 15

The Editorial Board of Rebento Journal, by DeArtes and PPGA-IA/Unesp, accepts contributions to the 15th edition, of the second half of 2021, entitled "Sensations, emotions and affections: possibilities of feeling in contemporary performativities".The edition aims to contribute to the discussion about the ways of feeling in different areas of artistic creation. In the field of theatre, the game with emotions has always been referenced to the work of the performer, both in their interactions with each other, and in their relationships with the spectators. The theme of sensations, however, has expanded, based on the understanding that all compositional elements affect each other reciprocally, generating ways of feeling that can be organized by each of the elements called for the production of meaning. In the case of theater, affectation can be called for by the design of light and sounds, by the presence and scenic action, by scenography, costumes, the ordering of the set, textualities, etc. In addition, the new performativities have been dedicated to the possibilities of producing sensations also in the direct apprehension of life, from urban displacements, creations of relational objects, parties, rituals, etc. The visual arts also seek to operate on sensoriality, synesthesia, memory and feeling, through compositions, colors, contexts, materials, etc., generating relationships (positive and negative) and emotional satisfaction, which make the construction richer and more complex. of the works. These are experiments that move from the notion of an object of pure aesthetic enjoyment to conceive art as interaction, in which the active and embodied attitude of reception weighs; or even manifestations that elaborate new ways of understanding the necessary construction of affective circuits. The edition will bring together articles, fictional texts, essays, visual essays, interviews, manifests, translations and narratives of processes that can address the various relationships between art and emotions, sensations, affections or any other way of naming what makes us more sensitive towards life. All contributions must be sent to the journal's platform (, from August 6th to October 8th. Proposals with varied themes follow the continuous flow system. The launch of Volume 15 of the Rebento Journal - "Sensations, emotions and affections: possibilities of feeling in contemporary theatrics and performativities" is scheduled for December 2021.