Deadline extension for submissions

The Editorial Board of Rebento Magazine, from DeArtes-Department of Arts and PPGA-IA/Unesp, extends the deadline for submissions for issue number 14, entitled "To resist together: arts, university and forms of shared creation". The edition intends to record the memory of different artistic creation experiences that have the university as a meeting point and cradle of artistic collectives. It recovers the history of the process in which the academic institution, becoming a more welcoming space for researchers-artists teachers, also starts to house young artists and groups that, afterwards, integrating themselves into the professional scene, bring a coherent thought to the arts with the concerns of research and the reinvention of languages, nourished by academic study and experimental interest. In continuity, group production also becomes an engine of academic research, renewing the canon and causing insertion in the theoretical field of inventive risk, typical of practice in the arts. With the opening of higher education courses in the areas of theater, dance, music and visual arts to a greater diversity of subjects, it is noteworthy the arrival of new perspectives and life experiences in higher education, which determine the professionalization of collectives with even more multiple characteristics, in terms of its members, interests and artistic processes; which modifies the forces in dispute at the intersection of arts, university and forms of shared creation. Observing these movements, the Rebento Magazine invites the critical verification of the already faced and current challenges, as well as the projection of futures for the collective artistic practices and for the studies on its agents, assumptions and paths, having the university as a differential. It will be discussed the interrelationships between creation in arts and teaching;emergency and variations in devising processes; reinventions of political art and group resistance; experiences in collectivity, aquilombamentos and networks and their roles in the formation and professionalization of the artist; multiple profiles of collectives and their social function; and dialogues between research, practice and creation in contemporary artistic groups, among other approaches that will compose the edition, presented in the form of articles, fictional or essay texts, visual essays, interviews, translations and process narratives. All contributions must be sent to the journal's platform (, until May 10, 2021. Proposals with different themes follow in the continuous flow system. The launch of Volume 14 of Revista Rebento - To resist together: arts, university and forms of shared creation is scheduled for July 2021.